Sea Shephert 

is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization.



Greenpeace is a transnational political non-profit organization founded in 1971 by peace activists in Vancouver, Canada, with the aim of protecting the environment. 

Become a Part-Time Hero for the Oceans

The ocean is calling out for a hero. But not everyone can quit their job and leave home to participate in direct-action campaigns on the high seas. There's another way to make a difference: you can become a Part-Time Hero by supporting Sea Shepherd's mission wherever you are, through recurring monthly donations or your own fundraising action. Together we can save the oceans, so donate now

To defend, conserve and protect our oceans.

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

There are lots of ways to get involved

 Around the globe, we are standing up for our communities, and we are holding governments and corporations accountable. Whether on the streets or at the ballot box, we hold the real power when we work together. 

Help Greenpeace protect the planet. 

 Greenpeace is the only global environmental charity that accepts no corporate or government donations so we can maintain a much needed independent voice, but it means we rely on individual supporters like you to fund our work. 

you have already your own organisation which you want to support? -perfect...

.... just let me know your favorite organisation and we will support them with your donation!